THE SHOP IS OPEN during Coronavirus

Opening hours - 7 .30am to 12 noon Saturday 11th April then same from Tuesday 14th.

To maintain social distancing, we have a MAXIMUM OF 3 CUSTOMERS IN THE SHOP AT ONE TIME.


Please phone the shop if you need a delivery because you are self-isolating, pregnant, disabled, elderly or otherwise vulnerable.

Deliveries WILL BE BY AREA, as we only have one van and need to keep deliveries by geographic districts to save time and help to reduce environmental impact.

Thank you for your patience and understanding - we also only have one card machine.

Easter Opening:
Closed Good Friday 10th April
Open Saturday 11th 7.30am to 12 noon
Closed Sunday 12th
Closed Monday 13th
Open again from Tuesday 14th to 12 noon daily.

Remember we have a wide range of cooked meats and other deli products, as well as cheeses.

Also sell Tiptree jams and marmalades.